In the entrance to the apartment you can be inspired by the “Boutique des Etoiles”. In this “Concept Store” you will find decorative, useful or simply beautiful items.

I, Gabriele, am enthusiastic about decorating and I love intriguing historic items. Countless visits to flea markets and auctions near us and abroad have led to an ever-growing collection of furniture, lamps, paintings, crockery, fabrics, etc. A large part of this has been integrated into the design of the house and courtyard. The Loft and surrounds are a showpiece of combining old and new items in a way that creates a welcoming and enjoyable atmosphere.

In the boutique, which gives me a creative outlet for my passion about interior design, I constantly change and redecorate things as my new acquisitions change the character and tone of my little concept store. The items displayed here are mainly French flea market findings and “objets de charme” from antique and shabby chic to vintage. But you may also come across some well-selected soaps, fragrances, jewellery and tasty homemade jams.

Maybe the pictures below will already entice you a little bit!?