The Loft is located in what used to be the barn of the house and extends over 2 floors.The spacious windows offer wonderful views of nature and spectacular sunsets.The large terrace is the perfect spot for a nice breakfast or drink outside.The adjoining meadow is best enjoyed with a relaxing snooze, reading, or sunbathing.Or how about a fun badminton or ball game? If you want to explore the area, just start a hike directly from here.There are various beautiful trails nearby.
The apartment is designed to be simple and clean with equipment that is fully functional and of high quality standards.Interior design throughout the farmhouse was chosen with an emphasis on “style breaks” or style blocking – that is, modern design stands next to exquisite flea market finds and thus creates an unconventional and comfy “barn chic”.The entrance of The Loft is the “Boutique des Etoiles” which displays beautiful objects, home accessories and furniture with history.Most of the items can be purchased.
Since the apartment is located in an entirely separate area of the house with a separate entrance, your privacy and autonomy is assured.Please note that smoking is not allowed anywhere in the house.